Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jungle Juice Part I

So she gave me a little this.

Man what a day, it's nearly ten, my buzz is kickin' in full, thank god for sunscreen, and as we all know...Day Drinking Rules.

I woke up early, like 8am, after a greatly needed nine hour sleep. I send some emails back and forth to my baby, handicapped by Spring Break, chatted for a while with a new friend then an old friend, ran some errands, getting some nice NY Strips on sale, got home, ran into my roommate and I said, "Let's go to the pool."

He deals poker at a big named Casino but he's off Monday-Wednesday and he was totally in. He called, Denise and Pat, co-workers to come over and join us. Heck it was 2pm so I figured, what the fuck, haven't done this since the Florida days so I mixed up a batch of Jungle Juice.

I'm sure everybody has a variety of Jungle Juice, mine happens to be extremely potent. Take a big thermus/cooler type and fill it to the brim with ice. Add as much Vodka as you think needed, then add the secret weapon, Tequila. The mix is mostly cranberry, a couple shots of tonic, and a few splashes of Mountain Dew, yes Mountain Dew, Four Loko meets Jungle Juice.

I'll preface this by saying I come from a very fun hard drinking family. Both immediate and extended. Way too many stories to tell but I do no this, it's 50/50 somebody or multiple somebodies get out of hand before the day is out, and as a gambling family, everybody bets on oneself that they won't be the one.

I make the concoction, me and my roommate, L, head to the pool as he awaits his poker dealer friends. We get to the pool and WTF, it's Spring Break. Too many fucking kids running around, not enough supervision but my eyes do lock on to the adults. First thing I see my downstairs caddy-corner neighbors Melissa and Yasmine, my dancer/adult entertainer friends. I haven't seen them so much lately as our schedules don't seem to mesh but it was great to run into them on "Tuesday Afternoon."

Seems my outgoing Midwestern friendly roommate had already met them so we said our "Highs" and pull up some lounge chair next to them. Right there after L's crew pulled up and we had a party going. Okay seven us, let me pull the trump card, Jungle Juice time. "Hey everybody I made a pitcher, it's Tuesday afternoon, we're at the pool and not at work, it's 83 degrees, time for some Jungle Juice. I even think I heard a couple "Hell Ya's" as I pulled the plastic cups out of my backpack.

I made the pours, beaming with glee, (did I just type beaming with glee) and after a long cool mega-sip I surveyed the surroundings. Again too many kids, but I did see too hot woman hanging out so I took my drink, the jug of Jungle Juice, my plastic cups, and definitely my day drinking charm and off I went.

The first one was beautiful. I introduced myself and learned her name was Grace. Such a beautiful name I thought. She was near my age mid-40s hot banging body of a neglected housewife who worked out every day. She was at the pool with a very self sufficient four year old, who was more interested in the hot tub then doing the, "Mom, mom, mom, mom, look, look, look," annoyance that the somewhat older kids seem to do.

I put my hand out and as we shook our eyes met. Something was electric, I swear I felt it tingle throughout my body. I said, "It's Tuesday, your kid looks like he's in good shape, have some Jungle Juice and come join our group." I was afraid it might have been too many strangers, too many strippers but Grace immediately said, "I'd love too." Well let's go baby, I actually put my arm out so she could grab ahold, totally not giving a shit about the wedding ring I spied on her ring finger. I do love married woman as some of you know. I brought her over, grabbed another lounge chair, which I pulled up directly next to mine. She devoured the first cup, quickly asking for a second.

I'll be right back I informed everybody, especially Grace. I took the Jungle Juice, another cup and walked over to the other very hot red-headed woman at the pool. "Hey how are you we're thinking of doing an Adult Swim over there, here is your cup of freedom, would you care to join us?" Of course she readily accepted. Her name was Cara, and I found out soon enough she had three kids, all staying with their dads for the day, she was definitely in. I brought her over, introduced her, and pulled up a lounge chair next to me on the other side of Grace.

The sun was beating down, the Jungle Juice was taking effect, man life was so fucking good. After a half hour I noticed too many 12-13 year olds congregating in our end of the pool. Melissa and Jasmine, twenty something hot strippers with killer bodies, then Grace and Cara, with their banging having kids bodies must have had these youngsters too worked up. My roommate must have noticed the same thing and he got up from his lounge, rushed to the pool and told all the boys, "Get your newly rubbing out dicks out of here," "Let these woman enjoy their day at the pool in peace." They scattered within seconds, their faces beat red, not from the sun, but from total embarrassment. Our whole group cracked up at L, never the shy one, and also from the nearly exhausted Jungle Juice.

As for myself I was equally flirting between Grace and Cara, figuring I work hard enough, I'd be need knee deep in one of them before the sun even set. The Jungle Juice made another round and soon enough, done. The buzzes were flowing hard, we still had a couple hours of sunshine left so I bravely said, "I'm out of Vodka, and Ice but I have some mix, can anybody help with the next batch?"

L seemed to be working hard on Denise, and I'm sure Pat had a tent in his speedo next too the two hot strippers working hard on their tan lines. Sure enough Cara and Grace both said they could help with the next batch. Grace, said I have a great bottle of Effen Vodka, we'll use that and let's go to my house first, my old man, (do I love when they say old man)with be home soon and I'd rather not be there when he does. Fine by me, fine by Cara, fine by all those ready for the next drink of Jungle Juice.

Her son has been quiet and occupied by four or five other kids his age. She runs by and asks the portly woman in the tent of a one piece if she'll look after her son, she has to run home for a minute and will be right back. "Sure," says the woman with a Southern accent unusual to Vegas. Her son barely even notices her, as they are wearing goggles and diving for coins in the deep end of the hot tub. Off we go, my mostly buzzed mind thinking what a good day so far.

We get to Grace's house and she pulls out a full bottle of Vodka, alas no ice. I offer that we'll bring the bottle head to Cara's house get the ice, head to my house get the mix, and we'll be good to go in no time. Grace agrees instantly and excuses herself to go to her bedroom to go "potty" and write her note. She isn't gone for a second when Cara coils herself up to me, wraps her arms around me and lays a big tongue filled kiss right on me.

Not one to be greedy I back her right into the counter, bend her back and devour her mouth with my lips. Holy shit I'm thinking I guess this is the one for tonight, a hot thirty something red head with much initiative. We here Grace coming back, we pull apart, and I take the vodka bottle and hold it right in front of my super hardness. Wow, what the fuck just happened.

Grace is super friendly with both me and Cara. We laugh, joke, and Drunkenly walk over to Cara's place. She has a freezer full of ice which I instantly fill the thermos with. I take the Vodka and pour the entire bottle in, letting it settle in the ice before we go to my house to add the mix, oh and the secret tequila sauce. Cara, like Grace, excuses herself, she needs to call her son quick and take a potty break so off she goes to her bedroom. She isn't gone a second when Grace coils herself up be me, wraps her arms around me and lays a big tongue filled kiss right on me.

Holy shit, this is my lucky fucking day I think as my arms wrap around Graces, tight petite hard body...........

End of part one. Fuck, not used to writing for one hour. I'll continue if you all would like. I'm sure Grace and Cara want to read the end of this. Perhaps Melissa and Yasmine too?

Run well, take life by the balls, and enjoy the hell out of it. Back soon.

Miami Don

Friday, April 15, 2011

Too Long

Been a long week, not much done. Masters weekend, way too much Vodka, not enough food, hopes, dreams, fantasies, some of which may have come true, some I'm not sure if it was dreams, thoughts, pukes, or fucking reality.

Had a dream about Tara, but I woke up with a wicked hangover, way too little words, and me being lame. Another chance Tara? Come on girl, you if anybody knows drinking and excuses.

I did get a shitload of new tweeple. How the fuck they found my drunken feed I'll never know? It's all about networking right, oh and being interesting. I do find myself interesting, some of you do too, I love it.

Might go to LA this weekend. Cards are in town, and Marie is begging/letting it be known. God damn she was so fine, Hope I'm not walking into my demise. Fuck it right, if Marie leads me into the slaughter, I will say, she's the second best ever...My beautiful baby ggb will always be number one, as my tattoo proudly states.

Damn, I bet a bucket list could be in play there. Once my baby gets past what she needs to get past. Don't worry beautiful, I'll be there waiting for you.

Had one the best midnight meals ever with Falstaff and CK. Why it was at the IP, well ask Bayne and Recess, well you can't cause they blew us off.

NBA picks to follow. Don't want to leave them on the end of this. I do have one big dog.

Sorry no new getting laid stories. They're there but next time perhaps.

Run well, be happy, and best of all, tell us some fucking stories.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Poem Titled #1


Who decides a supposed fate

The hell most live in

Embraced, adored

Escape, with ones choice

Weakness, why can't one fight

Always back to comfort

Whatever that may be




Friday, April 08, 2011


It's Friday night. It's 52 degrees and I'm loving it.

How the fuck I have Tiffany here at her ripe old age of nineteen I'll never know? Seriously my friends, does anybody over say 33 know anybody named Tiffany?

Wish she'd take a picture, I bet she wishes I stop giving her shit about being named Tiffany.

Heck Tiff even sounds awkward. Tiff you keep me stiff? So cheesy.

So be it.

I'll see so many bloggers and locals tomorrow at 6. My guess is we get 19.

Peace out.

Miami Don

Runnin' Good

Here we go again. And again and again. Seriously I don't even try but for some reason I can't avoid it...Yes I got picked up again.

Still in the throes of Marie, who I still Skype with and spank many out too, along comes Lacy. At Red Rock of all places. I know really. Figured if I was banging somebody from Red Rock, she was staff, big assed, or maybe a 65-year old with nice non saggy B cup titties and botox from hell. Man I was so wrong.

I was mostly drunk, it was Sweet Sixteen Weekend, I so missed Pauly, Derek, Senor, and KB, from the book mention of 2007, (hey let's all do it again next year) so I was like fuck it, Red Rock is four minutes from my house, I get too trashed, which I did, I'll cab it home for under $12 and catch a ride in the morning with my roommate who happens to deal at the Bellagio.

Anyway I faced the nits, the calling stations, the nearly dead as I played uber aggro slowly building up my stack $3 to $10 at a time. Then it happened. Maybe I don't run good in cards but fuck I run good in hot chicks that sit next to me at the tables, and how they love running their foot on my leg.

This one was Lacy. From Alaska...yes really. She had moved to Portland to assist her sister on raising too many kids, met a guy, fell in need and married him. She was an upward professional, dressed well for the day and time, and in town for a conference. Best I can describe her is she looked like Lindsay Soto.

My cards went dead, not like the tent in my shorts, and I asked Lacy, baby I need some real luck. Suddenly she rubbed my arm and said, "Don, I'm all the luck you need baby." Really? She knew my name, I don't remember me telling her my name, and if I did it would be something made up, multiple syllabic, like Marshall or Douglas,or Steven.

She was married her old man was at home and like so many what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. She confessed to staying up all night since her flight back to Portland was at something obscene like 6am. Suddenly a savior "came" over. A Native or an Intuit, came over and said the flight was cancelled, get on your I phone and get booked on the 4:30pm flight. Wow saved by a skin problem on Southwest. No convertible flight for Lacy.

She made her calls, she told her associates, who I did clarify that they were not her husband, lover, assassin, that she would catch them for brunch at 10am manana. Wow, was that my signal? An open window? Before I could think too long her right hand was under the table, on my knee, doing an old school seduction. Wow I thought, this would be quite the score.

We played poker for a couple orbits, her hand consistently on my leg, before I wised up and lamely said, "I got a couple free drink coupons, wanna do some shots?" Immediately I thought, what a tool box. Somehow she gladly accepted.

Some of you have seen me, some of you have devoured me, and somehow with my confidence/low self-esteem I still wonder how they fall for me. A quick glance in Lacy's eyes, she had surely fallen. Whether it was just her getting laid and doing a "what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas" or whether it was my beautiful green eyes, smile and charm, well I'll never know since I didn't ask. Her hand, my Johnson communicated beautifully.

Off the the sports book we went. We grabbed an empty table, with a view of both the big screens, the poker room, and the bar. Amanda, my favorite cocktail waitress came by for the order. "Two jaegar bombs, two vodka rocks splash of cranberry, no lime, don't hurt it." Lacy was thrilled. I was totally confident, drinks or not, I was banging another married woman.

Amamda brought the drinks, I ordered another round, and feeling too confident I asked Amanda to do a shot with us, meet us after her shift, and to join us. She accepted...only the shot, on the DL of course. Amanda is my next conquest, though another hopeful story.

Lacy and I hit it off well. She had these two associates keeping an eye on her but smartly she threw them off the chase. "Go play craps, I'm gonna crash soon anyway," she told them. They believed her amazingly.

The buzz that I started with just got deeper. Lacy's buzz was definitely growing with time. Finally after my not too subtle, you look hot, you're beautiful lines started working, she did it, no not grabbed my cock but said, "we should go up to my room, what a view."

Now I'm seriously one for views, and if anybody has ever had a Strip View from the Red Rock, well it's just all that (breathtaking). Seriously, thirty miles across, twenty miles top to bottom, lights on it really is all that. Lacy grabs my hand and we head up to the stealth elevator that takes us up up up to the 17th floor with a great view.

Another couple joins us in the elevator but that only turns her on. As we go "up" she grabs me and buries her tongue in my throat. I'm okay with that, yes I have a slight exhibition streak and I would have totally banged her right in the elevator, right in front of this other couple. No luck but Lacy ran her tongue all over my lips and made it known tonight, she wanted to be straight up fucked by yes me.

Her room was all that. So art deco, such a view of the strip, so I can't belive how lucky I'm about to get again. "I feel so naughty Don," again remembering my name which I still don't know how she knew, "I want the whole world to see us," she begged into my ear. Off came her blouse, off came her jeans, off came her bra and panties, her eyes filled with total lust, "Don I've never been this wet in my entire life, fuck me for all of Vegas to see." Insatiable, luscious, unreal, but that was all good. My cock was probably the hardest it's ever been in my existence.

I had enough invitation, Lacy wanted it bad, wanted me bad, so I was gonna give her my best porn star performance. I ripped off my shorts, I threw her against the glass wall, I bit her neck, I pulled her hair, and I jammed into her from behind. I smashed her sexy body and beautiful titties against the glass wall, Yes for all of Vegas to see. I fucked her like I've never fucked anybody in my life, hard and fast, her face and breasts up against the window, over and over, like I fucked Lacy. My heart was exploding, her pussy was dripping, our gyrations meeting perfectly.

Is that graphically enough G Baby? Best "love making" of my life. Lacy got it hard and fast and the whole of Vegas got too see it, if they were looking up over Summerlin at the Red Rock. Marie was fantastic, really really fantastic, but Lacy with her face and titties pressed on the glass wall, begging for me to long dick her far.

Hope you all enjoyed. The next encounter is even better. The one after that where I have to check the 19-year old ID is even better. Insatiable. I rule.

Run well. Play hard. Get outside your box. Bang a hottie, over and over again.

Regards, Miami Don

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wow, Just Wow

Let's go back a little. This is the height of March Madness, well just after actually and I went down to the V to pick up on some afterthoughts. What I mean by that is the stragglers who were smart enough to book a flight late Monday but not smart enough to donk of the rest of their rolls on the poker tables as they waited for their flights.

Funny to think about it but back in the day when I waited tables, I always worked Mondays because after the weekend, and the parties, and the beach, or just old Jewish people being lazy, Monday was a good and busy day in the restaurant. I mean fuck, not many cook on Monday, let alone if you are single and have been partying all weekend, but I regress.

I've learned Monday poker is very good. Catch the homeward bound donk who has no problem leaving what's left of their roll at the table and if I play smart enough and isolate, well then Monday is a big hourly rate day.

So I head down to the Venetian to take part in this new found cash machine and feeling like it's time to add to the roll. I check in at the desk and get assigned to Table 22. For those who have played the Venetian Table 21 is directly behind the check in desk so that put me at the second table. Things start off fairly "nitty" so per usual I look around at the other tables near me, perhaps finding a table change or yet finding something to look at.

I'm in the 3 seat, which I love as I'm a 2-3, 8-9 seat person. I'm a big guy, I get more room on the ends of the table and also I can see all the players and my reads seem good from any of these seats. I was also on the left of the two best players but somehow I don't think this is a poker story even though I'm at my favorite casino and playing the game I love so much.

Looking around I see this super hot Asian woman at Table 21. I didn't pay that much attention as I was busy concentrating on the game but as the boredom of folding set in I noticed we started making eye contact. Look, I love all woman, white, black, asian, middle eastern, native, jewish, whatever, when I'm on my game and I start the gift of gab well things usually work out well.

So we make eye contact, she gives me that demure smile saved for the barely legal girls and of course I give a wink back. It's time to walk to the restroom so I walk by her, smile, wink, and give here the Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington, "Hi There."

So I take care of business, stop by the sports book to catch up on scores, then head back to the table. Much to my delight the Asian Hottie is now in the seven seat, and the six seat has been taken my a not so hot Asian girl with a chip on her shoulders at poker but I'm sure on her way to being a successful businesswoman but still young, and still intimidated but a slightly older and much hotter Asian woman.

It's been my experience that two sisters at one table brings out the worst in each other, and even more so two Asian's bring the competition to a big pissing match. I make sure I give the young girl shit, especially after she makes some questionable folds, but really it's all in fun. The rest of the table is mostly younger dudes so they seem to be on this girls side. I do happen to catch eyes with the cutie who made the table change and her smile back at me makes me lose my "run the table over" edge. Not ten minutes go past when the kid to my right has to leave to catch a flight back home to DC. Immediately the hottie asks for a seat change and she moves into the two seat directly to my right. Now I'm not one to pass up this opportunity but before I can even ask my first question to her I feel a foot rubbing down my calf accompanied my a quick. "Oh I'm sorry," which also comes with a seductive smile and above all else a wink.

Now for real, how many guys use the wink? I know I do from time to time and if she is receptive, well the wink usually solidifies the deal right. But I'm at a loss when she gives me the wink first, also directly after she rubs her foot down the entire length of my calf. Damn, usually I'm the aggressor in these situations but man, this hot Asian girl is making her feelings known.

Now that she is practically sitting in my lap I do a quick inventory. She has a huge rock kept in place by a very fancy band...but on her right hand? Is this something Euro or Asian that I don't know about? She has at least a two carat diamond in each ear, a beautiful silver necklace that matches the one on her wrist. I also notice a V neck cut white shirt with five buttons, only one fastened, and a big beautiful breasts, totally natural staring right at me.

My first thought is tease. Of all woman the Asians are most definitely the hardest to read. Many are purely simple, they're smart, no pretenses, they say what they want and want what they say. The don't wear much bling but I'm sure would take kindly to some but usually they'd buy their own. They like sports particularly golf and a fantastic meal is usually the top of the spectrum. The other hand would be the "gold digger." Yes a shitty stereotype but some want the white boyfriend, who buys them the bling, and mostly they have to be be dressed to the nines for any occasion in public. Hot beautiful women but certainly high maintenance. You have to wine and dine them, show them off to not only the public but their own circle, and after all that good luck if you get a happy ending...Marie fit none of those stereotypes.

She was sitting in her swivel chair with her back totally to the one seat, her eyes and body language focused totally on me. She was a nit with the cards, perhaps she was too busy focusing on a bigger conquest, me? Her toes were painted a sexy shade of red, ruby red I think. She had on probably three inch high heeled sandles, which fit perfectly on her long and narrow feet. I started to look up to her face but like most men got caught up at her breasts. As I hesitated there for just a second too long, our eyes finally me and she greeted me with a big grin. "You like," she asked with a wry grin. 

"Your nail polish?" I quickly replied somehow trying to regain the upper hand. "No my tits baby, I did open two more buttons before I took a table change then a seat change to sit next to you." My first thought was think quick, act cool, don't be a twenty something idiot with a walking hard on even though my thoughts and my penis where totally acting as such. "They are beautiful, are you from Vegas," I lamely asked. 

"No visiting but it doesn't matter where I'm from only that I'm here," she purred. Fuck my focus on the game was gone, my small profit I was trying to hold on to. So her name was Marie, odd I thought, she was 75% white bread American and 25% Japanese, truly a beautiful mix.

Poker played on and I missed some button bets that would have won me an additional hundred. I'd been at the table almost 7 hours when she mentioned she was hungry. Ah, even Waffles would get that hint. Instantly I said, "You can teach me to eat with chopsticks and we can eat at the noodle bar or we can head to the Grand Lux, have a cocktail, and make our own meal." She readily accepted the Grand Lux.

How much detail from here? She took her sandal off and rubbed my cock under the table, damn near for the whole meal. We went upstairs to her suite and I was drunk and in total love with this big breasted hot American-Asian woman. You know the rest right? Imagine!

I woke up the next morning with a wicked hangover and a huge smile. I'm not one to sling out the room so I woke her up by going down on the hours before remnants. It was a huge success. After we finished the deed yet again she did give me her email address and better yet her Skype. I hope to head out to LA for the Cards-Dodgers series next weekend and do satisfy my big breasted American-Asian baby. Heck someday maybe she'll even introduce me to her family and friends...but who needs all that.

Hi Marie. I'm looking at you on Skype as I write this. Until next time beautiful.