Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jungle Juice Part I

So she gave me a little this.

Man what a day, it's nearly ten, my buzz is kickin' in full, thank god for sunscreen, and as we all know...Day Drinking Rules.

I woke up early, like 8am, after a greatly needed nine hour sleep. I send some emails back and forth to my baby, handicapped by Spring Break, chatted for a while with a new friend then an old friend, ran some errands, getting some nice NY Strips on sale, got home, ran into my roommate and I said, "Let's go to the pool."

He deals poker at a big named Casino but he's off Monday-Wednesday and he was totally in. He called, Denise and Pat, co-workers to come over and join us. Heck it was 2pm so I figured, what the fuck, haven't done this since the Florida days so I mixed up a batch of Jungle Juice.

I'm sure everybody has a variety of Jungle Juice, mine happens to be extremely potent. Take a big thermus/cooler type and fill it to the brim with ice. Add as much Vodka as you think needed, then add the secret weapon, Tequila. The mix is mostly cranberry, a couple shots of tonic, and a few splashes of Mountain Dew, yes Mountain Dew, Four Loko meets Jungle Juice.

I'll preface this by saying I come from a very fun hard drinking family. Both immediate and extended. Way too many stories to tell but I do no this, it's 50/50 somebody or multiple somebodies get out of hand before the day is out, and as a gambling family, everybody bets on oneself that they won't be the one.

I make the concoction, me and my roommate, L, head to the pool as he awaits his poker dealer friends. We get to the pool and WTF, it's Spring Break. Too many fucking kids running around, not enough supervision but my eyes do lock on to the adults. First thing I see my downstairs caddy-corner neighbors Melissa and Yasmine, my dancer/adult entertainer friends. I haven't seen them so much lately as our schedules don't seem to mesh but it was great to run into them on "Tuesday Afternoon."

Seems my outgoing Midwestern friendly roommate had already met them so we said our "Highs" and pull up some lounge chair next to them. Right there after L's crew pulled up and we had a party going. Okay seven us, let me pull the trump card, Jungle Juice time. "Hey everybody I made a pitcher, it's Tuesday afternoon, we're at the pool and not at work, it's 83 degrees, time for some Jungle Juice. I even think I heard a couple "Hell Ya's" as I pulled the plastic cups out of my backpack.

I made the pours, beaming with glee, (did I just type beaming with glee) and after a long cool mega-sip I surveyed the surroundings. Again too many kids, but I did see too hot woman hanging out so I took my drink, the jug of Jungle Juice, my plastic cups, and definitely my day drinking charm and off I went.

The first one was beautiful. I introduced myself and learned her name was Grace. Such a beautiful name I thought. She was near my age mid-40s hot banging body of a neglected housewife who worked out every day. She was at the pool with a very self sufficient four year old, who was more interested in the hot tub then doing the, "Mom, mom, mom, mom, look, look, look," annoyance that the somewhat older kids seem to do.

I put my hand out and as we shook our eyes met. Something was electric, I swear I felt it tingle throughout my body. I said, "It's Tuesday, your kid looks like he's in good shape, have some Jungle Juice and come join our group." I was afraid it might have been too many strangers, too many strippers but Grace immediately said, "I'd love too." Well let's go baby, I actually put my arm out so she could grab ahold, totally not giving a shit about the wedding ring I spied on her ring finger. I do love married woman as some of you know. I brought her over, grabbed another lounge chair, which I pulled up directly next to mine. She devoured the first cup, quickly asking for a second.

I'll be right back I informed everybody, especially Grace. I took the Jungle Juice, another cup and walked over to the other very hot red-headed woman at the pool. "Hey how are you we're thinking of doing an Adult Swim over there, here is your cup of freedom, would you care to join us?" Of course she readily accepted. Her name was Cara, and I found out soon enough she had three kids, all staying with their dads for the day, she was definitely in. I brought her over, introduced her, and pulled up a lounge chair next to me on the other side of Grace.

The sun was beating down, the Jungle Juice was taking effect, man life was so fucking good. After a half hour I noticed too many 12-13 year olds congregating in our end of the pool. Melissa and Jasmine, twenty something hot strippers with killer bodies, then Grace and Cara, with their banging having kids bodies must have had these youngsters too worked up. My roommate must have noticed the same thing and he got up from his lounge, rushed to the pool and told all the boys, "Get your newly rubbing out dicks out of here," "Let these woman enjoy their day at the pool in peace." They scattered within seconds, their faces beat red, not from the sun, but from total embarrassment. Our whole group cracked up at L, never the shy one, and also from the nearly exhausted Jungle Juice.

As for myself I was equally flirting between Grace and Cara, figuring I work hard enough, I'd be need knee deep in one of them before the sun even set. The Jungle Juice made another round and soon enough, done. The buzzes were flowing hard, we still had a couple hours of sunshine left so I bravely said, "I'm out of Vodka, and Ice but I have some mix, can anybody help with the next batch?"

L seemed to be working hard on Denise, and I'm sure Pat had a tent in his speedo next too the two hot strippers working hard on their tan lines. Sure enough Cara and Grace both said they could help with the next batch. Grace, said I have a great bottle of Effen Vodka, we'll use that and let's go to my house first, my old man, (do I love when they say old man)with be home soon and I'd rather not be there when he does. Fine by me, fine by Cara, fine by all those ready for the next drink of Jungle Juice.

Her son has been quiet and occupied by four or five other kids his age. She runs by and asks the portly woman in the tent of a one piece if she'll look after her son, she has to run home for a minute and will be right back. "Sure," says the woman with a Southern accent unusual to Vegas. Her son barely even notices her, as they are wearing goggles and diving for coins in the deep end of the hot tub. Off we go, my mostly buzzed mind thinking what a good day so far.

We get to Grace's house and she pulls out a full bottle of Vodka, alas no ice. I offer that we'll bring the bottle head to Cara's house get the ice, head to my house get the mix, and we'll be good to go in no time. Grace agrees instantly and excuses herself to go to her bedroom to go "potty" and write her note. She isn't gone for a second when Cara coils herself up to me, wraps her arms around me and lays a big tongue filled kiss right on me.

Not one to be greedy I back her right into the counter, bend her back and devour her mouth with my lips. Holy shit I'm thinking I guess this is the one for tonight, a hot thirty something red head with much initiative. We here Grace coming back, we pull apart, and I take the vodka bottle and hold it right in front of my super hardness. Wow, what the fuck just happened.

Grace is super friendly with both me and Cara. We laugh, joke, and Drunkenly walk over to Cara's place. She has a freezer full of ice which I instantly fill the thermos with. I take the Vodka and pour the entire bottle in, letting it settle in the ice before we go to my house to add the mix, oh and the secret tequila sauce. Cara, like Grace, excuses herself, she needs to call her son quick and take a potty break so off she goes to her bedroom. She isn't gone a second when Grace coils herself up be me, wraps her arms around me and lays a big tongue filled kiss right on me.

Holy shit, this is my lucky fucking day I think as my arms wrap around Graces, tight petite hard body...........

End of part one. Fuck, not used to writing for one hour. I'll continue if you all would like. I'm sure Grace and Cara want to read the end of this. Perhaps Melissa and Yasmine too?

Run well, take life by the balls, and enjoy the hell out of it. Back soon.

Miami Don


At 1:09 PM, Blogger Josie said...

Mmmm jungle juice!

Funniest line ---> "I'd be need knee deep in one of them before the sun even set."

I'm so jealous that you're laying by the pool AND you can play poker whenever you want. Oh the injustice!

At 3:51 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

Screw poker and the pool... I'm so jealous that you are mackin with two chicks back to back.

Rage on!

At 12:33 PM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

If it were anyone else, I'd be claiming this was pure fiction.


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