Friday, April 15, 2011

Too Long

Been a long week, not much done. Masters weekend, way too much Vodka, not enough food, hopes, dreams, fantasies, some of which may have come true, some I'm not sure if it was dreams, thoughts, pukes, or fucking reality.

Had a dream about Tara, but I woke up with a wicked hangover, way too little words, and me being lame. Another chance Tara? Come on girl, you if anybody knows drinking and excuses.

I did get a shitload of new tweeple. How the fuck they found my drunken feed I'll never know? It's all about networking right, oh and being interesting. I do find myself interesting, some of you do too, I love it.

Might go to LA this weekend. Cards are in town, and Marie is begging/letting it be known. God damn she was so fine, Hope I'm not walking into my demise. Fuck it right, if Marie leads me into the slaughter, I will say, she's the second best ever...My beautiful baby ggb will always be number one, as my tattoo proudly states.

Damn, I bet a bucket list could be in play there. Once my baby gets past what she needs to get past. Don't worry beautiful, I'll be there waiting for you.

Had one the best midnight meals ever with Falstaff and CK. Why it was at the IP, well ask Bayne and Recess, well you can't cause they blew us off.

NBA picks to follow. Don't want to leave them on the end of this. I do have one big dog.

Sorry no new getting laid stories. They're there but next time perhaps.

Run well, be happy, and best of all, tell us some fucking stories.


At 3:23 AM, Blogger Bayne_S said...


We were at IP from 6-8:30.

Thought that was correct time frame.

We were drunk but texted but were in hiding where no one would suspect.

A frkn craps table.

Next time will try again

At 3:44 AM, Blogger Miami Don said...

I call bullshit.

I, myself, made multiple trips around the craps tables, fifteen minute sweeps, because, well, it was a place we all suspected, talked about, viewed, and didn't see you two at.

But it's all good. As long as anybody had fun, who frkn cares. Maybe you had the wrong IP and were drunk at Bill's or Casino Royale? Or better yet at the Rhino.

Catch you next time.

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Tara said...

Hungover and lame will get you a pass this time... No more excuses, lol. If you're having sex dreams about me I think I should at least get to hear about them....

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Josie said...

If you're having sex dreams about Tara, I should get to hear them too! Ahem

Oh and are you effing kidding about the tattoo? Post pics or it didn't happen!

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Bayne_S said...

We really were at table closest to sports book escalator as end away from strip.

The slightly heavy asian lady dealing would remember us, Recess asked her to marry him on Thursday and we all had big laugh about it.


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