Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wow, Just Wow

Let's go back a little. This is the height of March Madness, well just after actually and I went down to the V to pick up on some afterthoughts. What I mean by that is the stragglers who were smart enough to book a flight late Monday but not smart enough to donk of the rest of their rolls on the poker tables as they waited for their flights.

Funny to think about it but back in the day when I waited tables, I always worked Mondays because after the weekend, and the parties, and the beach, or just old Jewish people being lazy, Monday was a good and busy day in the restaurant. I mean fuck, not many cook on Monday, let alone if you are single and have been partying all weekend, but I regress.

I've learned Monday poker is very good. Catch the homeward bound donk who has no problem leaving what's left of their roll at the table and if I play smart enough and isolate, well then Monday is a big hourly rate day.

So I head down to the Venetian to take part in this new found cash machine and feeling like it's time to add to the roll. I check in at the desk and get assigned to Table 22. For those who have played the Venetian Table 21 is directly behind the check in desk so that put me at the second table. Things start off fairly "nitty" so per usual I look around at the other tables near me, perhaps finding a table change or yet finding something to look at.

I'm in the 3 seat, which I love as I'm a 2-3, 8-9 seat person. I'm a big guy, I get more room on the ends of the table and also I can see all the players and my reads seem good from any of these seats. I was also on the left of the two best players but somehow I don't think this is a poker story even though I'm at my favorite casino and playing the game I love so much.

Looking around I see this super hot Asian woman at Table 21. I didn't pay that much attention as I was busy concentrating on the game but as the boredom of folding set in I noticed we started making eye contact. Look, I love all woman, white, black, asian, middle eastern, native, jewish, whatever, when I'm on my game and I start the gift of gab well things usually work out well.

So we make eye contact, she gives me that demure smile saved for the barely legal girls and of course I give a wink back. It's time to walk to the restroom so I walk by her, smile, wink, and give here the Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington, "Hi There."

So I take care of business, stop by the sports book to catch up on scores, then head back to the table. Much to my delight the Asian Hottie is now in the seven seat, and the six seat has been taken my a not so hot Asian girl with a chip on her shoulders at poker but I'm sure on her way to being a successful businesswoman but still young, and still intimidated but a slightly older and much hotter Asian woman.

It's been my experience that two sisters at one table brings out the worst in each other, and even more so two Asian's bring the competition to a big pissing match. I make sure I give the young girl shit, especially after she makes some questionable folds, but really it's all in fun. The rest of the table is mostly younger dudes so they seem to be on this girls side. I do happen to catch eyes with the cutie who made the table change and her smile back at me makes me lose my "run the table over" edge. Not ten minutes go past when the kid to my right has to leave to catch a flight back home to DC. Immediately the hottie asks for a seat change and she moves into the two seat directly to my right. Now I'm not one to pass up this opportunity but before I can even ask my first question to her I feel a foot rubbing down my calf accompanied my a quick. "Oh I'm sorry," which also comes with a seductive smile and above all else a wink.

Now for real, how many guys use the wink? I know I do from time to time and if she is receptive, well the wink usually solidifies the deal right. But I'm at a loss when she gives me the wink first, also directly after she rubs her foot down the entire length of my calf. Damn, usually I'm the aggressor in these situations but man, this hot Asian girl is making her feelings known.

Now that she is practically sitting in my lap I do a quick inventory. She has a huge rock kept in place by a very fancy band...but on her right hand? Is this something Euro or Asian that I don't know about? She has at least a two carat diamond in each ear, a beautiful silver necklace that matches the one on her wrist. I also notice a V neck cut white shirt with five buttons, only one fastened, and a big beautiful breasts, totally natural staring right at me.

My first thought is tease. Of all woman the Asians are most definitely the hardest to read. Many are purely simple, they're smart, no pretenses, they say what they want and want what they say. The don't wear much bling but I'm sure would take kindly to some but usually they'd buy their own. They like sports particularly golf and a fantastic meal is usually the top of the spectrum. The other hand would be the "gold digger." Yes a shitty stereotype but some want the white boyfriend, who buys them the bling, and mostly they have to be be dressed to the nines for any occasion in public. Hot beautiful women but certainly high maintenance. You have to wine and dine them, show them off to not only the public but their own circle, and after all that good luck if you get a happy ending...Marie fit none of those stereotypes.

She was sitting in her swivel chair with her back totally to the one seat, her eyes and body language focused totally on me. She was a nit with the cards, perhaps she was too busy focusing on a bigger conquest, me? Her toes were painted a sexy shade of red, ruby red I think. She had on probably three inch high heeled sandles, which fit perfectly on her long and narrow feet. I started to look up to her face but like most men got caught up at her breasts. As I hesitated there for just a second too long, our eyes finally me and she greeted me with a big grin. "You like," she asked with a wry grin. 

"Your nail polish?" I quickly replied somehow trying to regain the upper hand. "No my tits baby, I did open two more buttons before I took a table change then a seat change to sit next to you." My first thought was think quick, act cool, don't be a twenty something idiot with a walking hard on even though my thoughts and my penis where totally acting as such. "They are beautiful, are you from Vegas," I lamely asked. 

"No visiting but it doesn't matter where I'm from only that I'm here," she purred. Fuck my focus on the game was gone, my small profit I was trying to hold on to. So her name was Marie, odd I thought, she was 75% white bread American and 25% Japanese, truly a beautiful mix.

Poker played on and I missed some button bets that would have won me an additional hundred. I'd been at the table almost 7 hours when she mentioned she was hungry. Ah, even Waffles would get that hint. Instantly I said, "You can teach me to eat with chopsticks and we can eat at the noodle bar or we can head to the Grand Lux, have a cocktail, and make our own meal." She readily accepted the Grand Lux.

How much detail from here? She took her sandal off and rubbed my cock under the table, damn near for the whole meal. We went upstairs to her suite and I was drunk and in total love with this big breasted hot American-Asian woman. You know the rest right? Imagine!

I woke up the next morning with a wicked hangover and a huge smile. I'm not one to sling out the room so I woke her up by going down on the hours before remnants. It was a huge success. After we finished the deed yet again she did give me her email address and better yet her Skype. I hope to head out to LA for the Cards-Dodgers series next weekend and do satisfy my big breasted American-Asian baby. Heck someday maybe she'll even introduce me to her family and friends...but who needs all that.

Hi Marie. I'm looking at you on Skype as I write this. Until next time beautiful.


At 3:11 PM, Blogger Josie said...

LOL Sounds like a win to me!

At 3:30 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

You get Marie.. I get Mary.. Blah. Nice job bro!

At 3:32 PM, Blogger Astin said...

Wait... you didn't say how the poker game went.

At 4:05 PM, Blogger Bayne_S said...

The shiner helps?

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Josie said...

LOL Bayne has a point!

At 5:11 PM, Blogger lightning36 said...

"Ah, even Waffles would get that hint."

I trust people walking past my office were wondering why I was laughing ...

At 7:03 PM, Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Wait... so what happened in the suite?

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

atta boy D.


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