Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beautiful Goodbye

**Perhaps start this song as your read this**

Beautiful Goodbye

Well Beautiful,

I'll always love you. There will never be a day that goes by in the rest of my life that I won't think about you and the love we shared. I know deep down in my soul that your heart belongs to me, even though we'll never be together. I'm sorry I was much too late and for that I'll always rue.

You are a such a gorgeous and beautiful woman and I know at this time the only thing I have to offer is that thump in your heart, that lump in your throat, the feeling inside of you, and that dream, that dream of the white knight, that prince charming, the man who makes all your emotional and physical dreams come true and hopefully that man that comes to get you in four short years.

Also, there are too many circumstances to prevent you from totally giving yourself to me Beautiful. I get it. I understand. It's that reason I bid you a fond farewell. I can only hope that I've made half as much as an impact in your life that you've made in mine. I've never loved til I met you, I've never given myself completely until I met you, I've never longed to be with somebody until I met you, and I will probably never ever feel this way about another woman.

I'll cherish every moment, I'll always look back at you with the utmost respect, but with all of my heart I must say goodbye.

Goodbye Beautiful,

I will always love you,

Always and Forever,



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