Monday, July 25, 2011

Zata. You got my Money?

So much has gone on, so many stories to tell, no John not Penthouse letters, adventures abound, chaos everywhere, somehow I'm surviving.

Hope I can beat:

The United States of America


Donald A. Wade Jr.

I mean State of Florida or State of Massachusetts or State of Missouri (yes they all filed) but the United States of America? Guess I shouldn't post about not liking the IRS or the Federal Government.

I regress.

I hadn't thought about it in a long time but I think my favorite female name is Alicia. Thankfully I learned to spell it properly. I met Alisha during the 4th of July weekend (story and pics to follow, some have been seen on twitter.) and made the Alicia comments and how she almost had the coolest name but just didn't get there,(neither did I duh) but anyway, I think Alicia is a great name. Hi Alicia.

Saturday. Saturday night. Sunday morning. Man you would have thought Jungle Juice was involved but nope, just my normal idiocy. Perhaps I was even cock blocked by a Grandma. WTF. Really. She needed you to tell her to stop drooling over me and my eyes and charm...and slurring. Damn girl, those five divorces will make a grandma bitter no? I do remember saying....never mind.

Hello, is this the AA Intergroup? Yes? Oops wrong number.

No regrets right.

Balls to the wall.

Ya Throm (no link he doesn't post anymore), I own you some pics. Keep your "hat" on dick.

Be well all.

Miami Don

post script. Sorry for the getaway of parenthesis. Next time (if I learn) I'll rip the shit out of colons but not semi colons.