Thursday, June 07, 2012

Looking Forward

Not a full post today as I had some stupid work training on my day off and now a little happy hour pregame for the Heat-Celtics elimination game. Workin' for the man sucks. Happy hour rules. Day Drinking Rules.

I'm living in downtown Fort Lauderdale and I love it. It's diverse, lots of action, close to the bangin' beach, staggering distance to many fantastic bars and restaurants, close to the dreaded work, and of course great weather. Anybody wants a little vacation hit me up. Lots of poker rooms too, decent tournaments, juicy donk filled cash games, race tracks, we'll have a blast I promise. Extra credit too if you are a female.

I'm in an older diverse apartment building half a block from all the huge Condos, Townhouses, and Lofts that were built during the boom of the late 90s early 00s. My building is black, white, Haitian, Hispanic, and right down the street are the big ballah professionals, yuppies, older hipsters, and party people so I'm actually loving it. City living kicks ass, even though it's not some huge city, it's big time for South Florida.

I haven't fired up the golf clubs again yet but it's coming with the summer rates being $20-$30 to play premium courses with nobody on them. I am also playing on a softball team which took a bit of an adjustment getting my old out of shape body used to some as strenuous as a competitive beer league. I'm probably going to have to pound out the gym some too so I can try to compete with some of these in shaped donks down here although I still got mad game with the ladies just with the gift of gab.

Speaking of which here are some posts I have planned for the future. Let's see if I can do a couple a week.

1. The hot 24 year old who I've been chillin' with the last few weeks. HOT, HOT, HOT. Just wish she wouldn't talk so much.
2. The pregnant Puerto Rican chick. She's the friend of the girl across the hall and since I'm single no kids this was my first preggo chick. Puerto Rican and Preggo is a wild and loud combo.
3. The online dating site psycho stalker chick. Ugh. It was fun until it wasn't.

1. The son/spawn of a band member who plays with one of Metal's biggest band ever and his fucking doll named Jeremy who told him to kill me and two weeks of hi jinx which surrounded that situation.
2. The bragger who failed at a Bang Bros. porn production but still managed to lock up some loot in a non-traditional roll.

Don't forget my birthday is Sunday so send gifts and money.

Let's go Heat.