Monday, August 06, 2012


Rainy Monday here in South Florida. We've been lucky so far as it's been not as hot and not as rainy as normal. Suck it those in the Midwest in Northeast.

Business plan started. It's outlined and all the preliminaries are completed. This week I'll dig into the blood and guts of the business which will probably take a couple weeks to fine tune. Then it's a five day vacation and upon return I'll try to have it ready to go by Labor Day. Trying to keep the momentum moving.

Played in the Dank last week per Josie pimpin' it. I took 3rd which sucked since I should have won all the play dollars but alas Lightning ran like Zeus and yes he played well too. I might do it again this week. I little happy hour, some dinner, a good buzz, and poker with so of the online peoples.

Work is work. With football season on the horizon I had to pull off a compromise but I think it will work in my favor. I'll be working the 3-11 shift but I will have weekends off. I like sleeping in and not getting up at 6am, I can still go out for a couple after work if need be and I'll be able to watch football all weekend so I believe it's a good trade-off. No Monday night or Thursday night football but I can always DVR and watch it when I get home. I've started the 3-11 but won't have weekends off until September.

With weekends off I also may get back into some Poker Action. They have some decent tournaments down here including a $100 $100K guarantee that has three Days 1 and finishes on Day 2 so I'd be able to play on Saturday Day 1C and hope to come back on Sunday. Last week they had almost 1300 donks and it's a decent structure so not bad being able to win $35K or so on $100 if one can run hot for two days.

Cash games are packed down here as well. Higher rake than I'm used to from Vegas but the games are still juicy and there are a lot of old-timers down here with nothing but money and time on there hands with very little poker skills. The bigger games are juicy I understand too and there a lot of pros who moved down here from Vegas because the games are so juicy. Might have to work my way up the cash game ladder as well.

I know I promised stories before and I'll start getting to them this week. Never a dull moment at work and there are truly some fucked up people I see on a daily basis and the stories are just too damn good and too damn real. Almost makes one feel bad for the sick fuckers. Almost.

Hope all is well out there. WPBT in December is a go. Can't wait for that.